Benefits For Agents

A Win-Win Situation

Most estate agents in the lettings business are too busy to deal with properties which are rented by the room. At Glyn Taylor-Williams we focus on letting houses to professional tenants. Our waiting list consists of people from local businesses, universities and hospitals. We are currently seeking partnerships with local letting agents to rent houses on long-term leases for a win-win arrangement.

“Each property must have some significant and obvious value-add component.”

Glyn Taylor-Williams


1. The Property

You provide a property and
we pay the market rate

2. Keep Fees

You keep all tenant find fees
and management fees

3. We Manage It

GTW upgrades the premises, places our professional
tenants inside and takes care of the management

4. The Rental Payments

We’ll pay the rent to you every single month

Receive The Tenant Find Fee

The first benefit of working with us as a progressive letting agent is that you will still get the tenant find fee from the landlord.

Receive Management Fee

If the property is currently fully managed by you at your letting agency. Then you will continue to get the management fee from the landlord.

Additional Benefits

You're not required to undertake any work

Apart from the 2-minute task of passing on the guaranteed rent to the landlord every month. You are not required to undertake any other work whatsover.

We take care of the property

If any issues arise with the tenants we take care of them. We will also be responsible for general maintenance of the property and making sure it’s in good condition.

We collect the rent

You don’t need to spend hours and hours of labour collecting rent. As we would be responsible for rent collection from our tenants.

A suitable property is all we need

As a letting agent, all you need to do is find us a suitable property and then without having to do anything else. You simply collect your commission for the next 5 years. (Or longer depending on the contract.)

Our Business Rules

We never buy “the appreciation” story.

Lots of houses are purchased on the belief that they will increase in value over time. We do not subscribe to this way of thinking when completing transactions.

What is a suitable property?

We seek properties which have 5 or more bedrooms. Ideally, they should be licensed HMO’s. However, we understand that may not be the case, so we would look to work with the property owner to acquire this license to ensure the transaction completes.

Value add component.

The property must have some significant and obvious value-add component. Something that really makes it stand out and draws attention. Price is not a selling point to us.

Value Ad Target

Once we have hit or exceeded our Value Ad Target we get out of the market.

We never over leverage

If we discover a fantastic piece of real estate. We do everything in our power to never over-leverage it

Barriers to entry

We only buy markets where there exist barriers to entry. If something is easy to acquire, it’s usually never a good thing.


Location is a key criterion. We usually seek a location that is suitable for our working professionals. In an environment that brings a wow factor.

Operating the property

We never assume on our acquisition proforma that we can operate property any better than existing management. (If there is management there already.)

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