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I have worked with some of the best people in the world to design a system which not only helps landlords achieve consistently and guaranteed revenue on their properties. But also it allows tenants to move into a house of their dreams so they can reach their potential.

“Pulling The Trigger, Taking Action Is The Only Thing That Counts”

Glyn Taylor-Williams


Provide Property

You provide a property and tell
us how much rent you would like

Sign An Agreement

You sign a formal agreement with us

Find Tenants

We’ll then maintain the property
and find wonderful tenants

Guaranteed Income

We’ll pay your guaranteed rent every single month

The Agreement

Rather than signing a contract directly with a tenant. We provide a management agreement drafted by our fantastic solicitors which sets out all of the terms. There’s nothing else to it. This contract will last 5 years. And you can extend it if you want.

Monthly Rental Amount

You tell us the monthly rental amount that you would be happy to receive. We usually pay around the same amount of money as you would earn if you were to let your property normally. And we guarantee payment every month. The exact monthly amount and the time period will be agreed between us.

Management of The Property

Once the agreement has been completed. We take over the management of the property and fill it with tenants from our waiting list. By invitation only. Our tenants are determined people and professional. They usually can’t wait to move in.

Guaranteed Income

This is the fun part. All you need to do is check your bank account and watch it grow with all the guaranteed rental income. Without having to lift a finger.

Your Property Will Remain In Great Condition

At the end of the agreed period, we always return the property in great condition. Exactly the same as we received it. Or in most cases even we even improve it.


What exactly are we responsible for?

Glyn Taylor-Williams is responsible for paying you the agreed rental fee each and every month. We work hard to fill the property with professional tenants from our waiting list. We also make sure every single utility is paid. Council tax is paid. We hire cleaners and gardeners to keep an eye on the property and ensure all the public areas (and private rooms too in some instances) are in tip-top shape. If the tenants have any problems whatsoever we are always the first people they go to. We replace the responsibilities of the landlord. So if there are any issues, we handle it so that you don’t have to worry about it.

As we focus on high-end clients/tenants. They usually expect the very best. Our tenants demand the highest quality and standards. Therefore quite often we have to invest money up-front to get the property up to standard. You will not have to pay for any interior upgrade work, decorating or furniture.

Will I still make the same amount of money as usual?

Yes indeed. That’s the beauty of our system. You are the person who tells us how much you want to get paid. Without you being happy then nothing can happen in the first place. We normally pay the same amount of money as you would earn if you were to let your property out in the traditional fashion. But we will also guarantee that payment each and every month. The rental figures and contract length will be agreed between us.

Am I as a landlord responsible for anything at all?

You will need to take care of the major physical things. As a landlord, you will need to ensure the structure/exterior of the property is sound and has no problems whatsoever. Glyn Taylor-Williams is not liable for repairs to these parts of the property. (e.g. roof tiles and general structural soundness).

As a caring and responsible landlord, you should fully insure the building with the correct landlord insurance. Sometimes referred to as an HMO landlord product/insurance. You also need to have the right environmental and safety certificates in place. (e.g. Gas safety, Electrical Safety, EPC). And if you have a mortgage on the property. It is entirely up to you to make sure it gets paid and taken care of.

How does Glyn Taylor-Williams make its money?

We do not charge you any fees or commissions whatsoever – unlike estate agents. We instead make our money directly from the tenant that we put into the property.

Due to the fact we mainly work with local companies to rent to their employees. And how we provide extremely high-quality housing with flexible length terms and professional services which make the property maintenance free. We are able to receive a markup on the monthly rent.

In essence. We move someone in and charge X. We pay you Y. The difference is the profit. We keep that part. Yes, it’s a lot of work, but that’s what enables us to guarantee all of your payments every single month – so you don’t have to do anything yourself.

Is this sub-letting?

Not at all. Glyn Taylor-Williams does not use an Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST) with the owner of the property. An AST is a contract that in the small-print disallows sub-letting. This is not appropriate in this situation. We instead have worked with one of the world’s best solicitor’s to draw up a contract which can be specifically used for these types of arrangements.

If you have any other questions

Please feel free to get in touch. You can ask us anything you want.

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