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Hi, I’m Glyn Taylor-Williams

About Glyn

I know you have no idea who the hell I am. I apologise, it’s completely my fault. So here’s a little about me.


Let’s face it, the standard job search process is terrible. It’s arduous and it mostly doesn’t work. In fact trying to ask people to hire me doesn’t work, so I’m done with it all.

The standard application process undermines my value as a worker and a person. Filling in forms for 3 hours just to get an automated multiple choice response from a computer is mind numbing. Is this what the world has really come to?

There are tonnes of amazing opportunities out there. If I just did what everyone else did, begging for someone to hire me. I’d close myself off to a lot of those opportunities. There is only so much time in the day. I can only physically find and apply to so many jobs. Think about it.

About This Reverse Job Application


Not everybody has the experience and achievements that will blow every single company they apply to away. In fact, most people don’t. Even though I myself am not currently a Fortune 500 business executive on the board of directors revolutionising the world in fantastic ways, I still have traits and characteristics that set me apart from everyone else. With this application, I want you to see the real me. All potential recruiter, employers or business partners should get a chance to assess everything. I know for a fact that, I should fit in somewhere.

A Summary of My Life 


The only way I can really explain to you how I got to the point of sitting on a computer making this reverse application website is if I tell you a story. Writing all about my past, present and what I want in the future.
The Past: Chapter 1

I couldn’t handle it anymore

A year after completing college, I thought I would do what everyone else did. Get in line and join a University. Needless to say that didn’t go well. I was bored out of my mind. Sitting in the darkness with only a lamp lighting my lonesome desk at night, whilst my head was engulfed in textbooks, trying to learn things that would never ever be repeated again in the real world.

The hours and hours of trying to not fall asleep in lectures because some “expert” thought a powerpoint presentation was the best way to learn as they droned on and on put me on knife edge in terms of leaving.

Then one day it clicked. I couldn’t handle it anymore. I didn’t want to waste another 3 years being locked away in a prison like room whilst building up tens of thousands of pounds worth of debt. As I sat back and watched how other people in the world were doing great things. Transforming their lives in a short space of time. Oh and they didn’t require a formal education either.

I was on the verge of having all my hopes and dreams crushed forever because that’s what society has taught us on the conveyor belt. I had nearly bypassed the many dreaded years of living pay-cheque to pay-cheque pen-pushing for someone else in a dead end job. That would usually lead to the result of someone becoming completely depressed and seeing their dreams fade away into oblivion.

I promptly raged inside whilst also crying and made the decision to leave. And to start my own business.

The Past: Chapter 2

I decided to take control and start my own business

To take control of my own destiny. After all my forefathers had been successful, so why wait. I too could also match them.

Things went well. I started expanding the little car sales business out of the back of the family garage. Added a few bits and pieces to it. Implemented technology. Pivoted the business into different areas. Moved locations. Everything was how I imagined.

But things changed in the past couple of years. I began growing mentally. Developing a different mindset. My horizons expanded. I saw that my potential was far greater than what I was currently doing. I needed a new challenge. I also didn’t want to continue being involved with used cars. There is a certain clientele they attract. It is a high effort, low reward industry. Customers aren’t thankful for the time and energy you spend on them. They also don’t have a lot of money. I wanted bigger and better things.

I have a different strategy now. I won’t go into detail because it’s not important.

The Past: Chapter 3

I’m now looking to find the greatest people in the world

I will give you one insight. My current life situation has now changed. So I’m looking for the best people, from the greatest companies that I can work with.

Of course being able to keep the bills at bay will help too.

I thought it would be easy to find work. After all, what is better than someone who is extremely motivated and has done nearly everything under the sun in terms of running a business. My skills should easily translate into any job. Barring those which may fall under rocket scientist or being a doctor.

So I set out to get my name into the world. Contacting every person under the sun in the hopes I could get my foot into the door and prove my worth.

The Past: Chapter 4

Employers would not give my C.V a second glance

Barely any employers would give my C.V a second glance. Zero Human Resources managers would line up an interview for me; even recruiters were slow to return my calls. Those that did would send an auto-reply saying “on this occasion you’ve been unsuccessful”. Never really giving you a reason why when you confront them and ask them for the truth as to why they didn’t want you. Instead you get a politically correct response.

People I have spoken to have told me that maybe the recruiters were scared I might eventually steal their job. As they are higher up in the ladder and I would want to push my way up too given the chance.

I also am not a fool. Some companies feel that because I’m an individual and I can think for myself. And I don’t see myself as just another number. I might step out of line and cause them problems. They may want someone to be quiet and be a wage slave. Without doing anything out of the ordinary. No greatness.

The Past: Chapter 5

The burning desire started slowly withering away

My dreams of being hired by some of the best people out there began to appear little more than feverish nonsense. The burning desire started slowly withering away into a little flickering flame. Only being kept alive because of the blood running through me and how I know I too could reach the levels of those before me in the family.

The time spent in university and then going through hell to work on my business, all the insights I had learned and developed seemed a sorry waste if I couldn’t live any longer; twinges of regret seeped into every memory of the past twenty years. My world was a dark place.

I headed for the tallest mountain in the land, the Malverns, eager to just jump off the edge, or at least self-reflect. Which would make the remainder of my pathetic existence just a little more bearable. Thoughts were swimming through my head. I couldn’t figure out why nobody was interested in hiring me.

I was fairly young but had been through a lot. Although inexperienced in working for others I had gained more than enough knowledge to handle myself in nearly all work situations. People over complicate businesses. They are all the same when push comes to shove. I even applied for the bottom of the barrel vacancies. Surely entry-level jobs would see my employment inexperience as not a problem. Isn’t that what they are there for?

The Past: Chapter 6

I had sent out a ridiculous number of applications

I’d sent out a ridiculous number of applications to a plethora of companies, all of which I was qualified to work for, none of which ever responded. I even reached out to get help, so-called government assistance in the job search fields worked with me to painstakingly craft a new C.V and individual cover letters, tailored to the recipients of every individual application.

Although the longer I think and dwell about all this time and effort spent, the more and more foolish it seems to be. I knew deep down my talents and natural instincts would be an excellent complement to virtually any business, but the whole charade of the job-seeking process had eaten away at every shred of self-confidence I once possessed, leaving but an empty, lifeless husk of a man.

Bitterness began clasping its snaky claws into every corner of my mind. I hated the world and everything about it.

Sat on top of the mountain. Looking at the lights and seeing just how large the world was. It was in this moment of bleakness and pathetic desperation that I rediscovered myself. I realised that for the past painful days, weeks, months or even years of searching for work. I had been content to tell myself lies. To say to myself that it was absolutely fine to grovel and get down.

The Past: Chapter 7

It was time for me to get honest with myself

I have no idea why, but I had been pretending that it was perfectly acceptable for me to politely step in line and ask somebody to do me the favour of hiring me…as if I was a pauper doing them a favour, then to just swiftly move on ever so quietly after the inevitable rejection. But no longer was this going to be the case! It was time for me to get honest with myself.

I slid down the mountain, jumped in the car and rushed home in a euphoric daze. I secured a coffee from the nearest Petrol station, secured it safely in a cup holder besides me. And as the waves of coffee infused energy began filtering through, the shock from my 1000ft epiphany faded away. I realised that I now knew exactly what needed to be done.

I pulled into my car parking space at home. Kicked the flat door open as if I had a search warrant looking for drugs, dove for my computer, and began composing my inverted job application.

The Story of My Life: The Present

The Present: Chapter 8

Asking people to hire me clearly doesn’t work

This is a little something I came up with on a random night recently. I’m naming it a reverse job application. “Why did I think of this?” I hear you ask.
Well I am completely done asking people to hire me, for a whole bunch of reasons.

Numero one, it clearly doesn’t work.

The Present: Chapter 9

There are tonnes of amazing opportunities out there

Secondly, there are potentially tonnes of amazing opportunities out there. Asking people to hire me will in effect close me off to a lot of them. There is only so much time in the day. I can only physically find and apply to so many jobs. Think about it. There is without a shadow of a doubt hundreds of thousands of opportunities out there that I would be a great fit for. But I cannot reach out to them using normal methods of just applying.

The Present: Chapter 10

The application process undermines my value as a worker

Third and finally, the application process undermines my value as a worker and a person. It really cannot demonstrate what I can actually bring to the table and how I can transform the business I will be involved in. It also cannot show the reactions of the customers I have dealt with in the past and how they were blown away by the experience they received. Throughout my entire life I have always strived to be the best. No one wants to be average. If you’re a customer, do you want the product you’re buying, or the service you are receiving to be average? Exactly. Every step of the way in the past years I have consistently produced excellent results. Every task I have set my mind to I have done exceedingly well.

I have spent countless hours training my skills and improving my sales techniques and self-esteem.

My goals are far larger and audacious than they have ever been before. I have sought out the best people in the world and aim to copy them.

The Present: Chapter 11

Quite frankly, employers should be coming to me

Quite frankly employers should be coming to me, not the other way around. You see, a piece of paper, or an application process cannot show any of this. It doesn’t show how I’m willing to work in my “spare” time in evenings and weekends to finish a job if it needs to be done, without begging for overtime pay. It doesn’t show that I’m willing to be the first in the office and the last one out every single day to prove that I’m the best. It doesn’t show my competitive nature. Or how quickly I can pick things up. Or how I can cut out the waffle of what people are saying, and find the most efficient way of doing something. So no time is wasted.

With these above points in mind and knowing what I am capable of, quite frankly, employers should be coming to me, not the other way around.

The Present: Chapter 12

Now something in your mind is making you curious…

Which is why I have decided to invert the job application process.

You are sitting down alone, reading this now because something in your mind is making you curious, curious about me. Just what sort of character honestly thinks he is entitled to have some of the best companies send him job proposals despite not having decades and decades worth of professional work experience for other people in an employee type role. Or without showing any real demonstrations of his proclaimed talents.

The Present: Chapter 13

It is perfectly natural that you are curious

It is perfectly natural that you are curious, so I have taken the initiative to craft a little image gallery to demonstrate some of the things I can bring to the table as a potential employee. I’m sure you are already frantically racking your brain trying to come up with a job position you think you can put me in, a job offer that will pique my interest.

But in case you are not, or you simply don’t care enough yet. I’m pretty confident a brief viewing of my credentials showcased in these images will win you over.


What else I can bring to the table in picture form



If my image gallery still isn’t enough I’ve made a case study page. So you can see most of the memorable things I’ve achieved.


Once you’re fully decided on how much you really want me to work with your company. Please take a look at the criteria that you need to meet.

The Future


I will review job offers as they are submitted. If your offer does not receive a response within a day or two, it is probably because I was not impressed with your terms, job description, or writing style. Feel free to resubmit your offer, but please bear in mind that first impressions are important, and subsequent offers are more likely to be outright ignored.

Yes, I want Glyn to join our team so we can work together like a pack of lions without fear – in order to dominate the competition and take our business to the next level.