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Here’s a step by step guide


I know you have a lot of choices in who you will work with and recruit, so I know I have to earn your trust with every section, word or paragraph I feature on this website. If you’re curious, here’s how this application process works.
Step 1: Read About Me

The first step is to see what the hell I am about and whether you think you’ll like me, or respect me as a person. This about me page shows why I came up with this idea and how I even got into this situation.

Visit about me page
Step 2: View My Case Studies

It’s difficult to demonstrate what you’ve accomplished without making videos of everything that you did. Or showing a bank balance because money is the only thing most people keep track of. I have created a few case studies to try and show what I have achieved in the real world. Actual situations that happened with results.

Visit Case Studies Page
Step 3: See If you match my criteria

Once you’re fully decided on how much you really want me to work with your company. (I don’t blame you if you are on your metaphorical knees, pleading that you’ll be able to get my attention.) Please take a look at the criteria and qualifications that you need to meet on this page.

Visit The Criteria Page
Step 4: Submit your job offer

Once you’ve put your offer together, you can submit it using the application form on this page. Serious applications only. I don’t want anyone sending me nonsense, or a mickey mouse submission thinking there’s a shortcut to get my attention.

View Application Form Page

Yes, I want Glyn to join our team so we can work together like a pack of lions without fear – in order to dominate the competition and take our business to the next level.

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