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Weight Lifting

Beating The Bench Press Record in 2004

I trained so hard every single day all alone that I actually beat the English bench press record for my weight and age.






Weight Training


There was a period in my life where I had nothing better to do than to just train every single day. I was drawn to weight lifting. I would push myself extremely hard and even got stuck being crushed by the weights a few times. After a year or two of intense training I did a 1RM that actually beat the English record at that time.  I didn’t think much of it back then.


Keeping up the training would be difficult when I also had homework and other things get in the way. Friends wanting to party. Going out for meals. Family wanting me to attend things. I could not miss a single day of training if I wanted to succeed.


I developed a strict training schedule that I followed every single day. If I was late I would still train at 1am. No matter what I fit it into my day. Followed a strongman strength routine training bench twice a week. Purchased weight gainer to increase calories and improve body mass.


I was able to improve my bench press considerably. Even though I was far stronger than anyone else I had ever seen in my age group. It wasn’t even close. I didn’t think I would be matching any records. But I did. 


It was kind of hard to maintain this strict training regime and keep it up. I was training in the front bedroom of the family house. Motivation started to dwindle and I got interested in doing other things. I also needed to have more food, which costs money.

As I was so young I wasn’t able to work for anyone else yet. I couldn’t even cook properly. There were many factors that prevented me from actually being able to reach a world class level and go to the Olympics for example.

Although based on how quickly my body improved, the rate at which my strength grew, I think I had a good chance of being up there, with the pound for pound records.

This experience made me realise that motivation gets your started, good habits keep you going. If you want anything, you need to keep at it, until you either die, or fail.



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