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Bow’s Universal Domestic Installs

Helping someone out with their business

BUDI carried out deliveries and installations of cookers and white goods into people’s kitchens.






Electric & Gas Installs


The owner of the business didn’t beleive online marketing would bring in money to his little niche. So I set out to prove him wrong. I created an online presence where none existed. Designed website, managed marketing, including blog outreach. I went further and then closed a strategic partnership with Curry’s and Homebase so BUDI would deliver and install these customers’ cookers.

Built website

Built a website from scratch. Created hundreds of pages to implement long-tail search strategy. Used Google local to create highly targeted campaign combined with ad-words.

Used content marketing

Made several high quality blog posts to bring in organic search traffic for very specific search terms. Each week they would get many calls and emails. Which converted into about about 1 paying job per week. £100 a job.

Closed big deals

Reached out to both Curry’s and Homebase in order to provide a service for their customers, that they couldn’t do themselves, due to cost and time reasons. Split revenue deal.

Brought in commercial clients

Created sales strategy to reach out to big commercial clients. Such as schools and large kitchen sellers. Some weeks these clients would give BUDI about £2000 in revenue.


I was talking to someone who had a little business installing kitchen appliances in people’s homes. They did not have an online presence at all.

I made a deal to create an income for them online through making a website and some other little tactics.


The only hindrance was that because the business owner wasn’t convinced the online marketing would work. They didn’t want to put any money into it. So I had to do it all for free at the beginning. I had to prove it would bring in revenue.

I did it for the challenge to see if I could.

Imagine trying to build something from scratch without any money whatsoever. Only using your brain.


– I built a website that generated enquiries for everything that they installed.

– I employed content marketing and other strategies to ensure they got consistent revenue and phone calls at no cost.


– Each week they would get many phone calls and emails.

– Each week they would generate about 1 paying job £100 a job.

– I only spent about 7 days making the site and all the content. It was minimal effort.

– Some weeks they get commercial clients asking them for work. About £2000 each time.


I only did this to test if I could bring in sales for other people using online tactics, without spending a penny of my own money. I did just that. They now get an influx of enquiries all the time. For about 5 years straight.

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