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Bromsgrove School

Hard work in school pays off

Selected from over 2000 worldwide applicants in order to achieve my educational goals




Bromsgrove School




In 2003 I decided I wanted to push myself further and achieve something great. Standard schools were too easy for me. It just so happened one of the best schools in the country was right around the corner. After undergoing extensive tests I was selected from over 2000 worldwide applicants in order to achieve my educational goals. Now I was in the position to be surrounded by people who would also achieve greatness. Their parents were successful too. I learned the value of discipline and hard work. But it wasn’t easy. The days were long. 8am – 9pm seven days a week. Not including homework.


Moved to Bromsgrove School from a standard local public school. I was surrounded by other children who were sent there because their parents were very wealthy and had achieved great things.


The days were extremely long. School started from 8-5pm Mon to Friday. 8-3 on Saturdays. Had to attend Sunday Chapel service every second Sunday.

Meanwhile I had to complete homework in my free time for every single class. Probably around 8 classes or more. 

Teachers were very strict and I would get into trouble constantly. I had a reputation for always being involved in something. Maybe because I was witty and would make the entire year burst into hysterics by making a little joke when everyone should have been silent. Or I tried to wind up some teachers I disliked because their teaching and people skills were somewhat lacking.

A sports teacher wouldn’t put me in the top rugby team or athletics club, even though I was faster and more athletic and better than other children during lunch breaks and in general. 


I made sure I worked hard to cope with the pressures. Toughened up and got more disciplined. 

Created timetables and did all the work I needed to, before playing. Got the the hard things out of the way first.

Took it up with the headmaster and other high profile teachers to let them know what was going on. Became closer with certain teachers who would usually dish out punishments. They knew I wasn’t a bad person.

Made it a point to beat the other kids when it came to sports classes to prove a point to the sports teachers.


– Never missed a day in school, was never late at all.

– Completed all homework on time. I would aim to get A’s in all work. Essays especially. 

– Although certain teachers were power hungry, the ones actually in power who managed the detentions, knew about me. They made it easier if I ever got into trouble. I was at no risk in getting kicked out of the school. Some teachers would even laugh in the staff room about me because they found my sense of humour funny and how certain teachers felt under-mined by me, because they lacked control.

– I started weight lifting, became the strongest in the year. I won the cross-country surprising every single teacher out of nowhere. Was able to match or beat sprint times for 100m athlete team. Still didn’t get picked though.

– I dominated rugby games, outrunning and out-strengthening all my lower rugby team friends. Still never got moved up. Learnt teachers had favourites and I was the naughty kid in their eyes. I settled for having fun and beating up on the less skilled players instead. I also focussed on football.


Bromsgrove school taught me that it was possible to achieve great things. The proof was all around me. Whether it was the school itself, the teachers and how well educated they were. Or the parents and the houses they lived in. Or what the parents had achieved.

If they can do it, why can’t I.

I also learnt to be extremely polite to people.

Although it was extremely hard and some teachers would always be out to try and get me.

I learnt that you can’t change the opinions of some people, they will always be bad. You are better off focusing your energy on other more important things.

I would get into trouble for thinking outside of the box, but I now realise this is a good thing. In life and business finding loopholes and actually having a personality is what wins people over. It gets you to stand out. 

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