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Droitwich Boxing Club

Training with England’s best boxers

Me and my friend got into boxing. I began training with him and helping him. Ultimately helping him win National titles.








Weight training got a bit boring on it’s own so I wanted a different challenge. My friend suggested we started boxing. Seemed like a good idea. I realised that despite being strong, I was nothing. I was surrounded by tough nuts who had been raised in hard times and didn’t care about anything. It was eye opening but made me tougher too. The challenge was to become the best boxer in the UK and win every tournament, every fight. But it doesn’t come that easy.  


Boxing is tough. It requires you to work out twice a day. With gruelling training sessions otherwise you’d get beaten up. In sparring, you need to be able to take a punch and have the confidence to give out punches. You need to be able to out-think the opponent and not go in all guns blazing like an idiot, otherwise you will get tired, or will get knocked out.

For any coach to take you seriously, you need to show commitment and turn up every day, for an entire year. Then they will start coaching you. They don’t bother with new-comers because people often come and go. Their time is better spent on the boxers in the boxing team. Getting injured also prevents you from training, so having the proper equipment and not over-training is important.


There was called Ross Enamait that we found online. He was a boxing coach superstar. His training methods were extremely difficult. Nothing like I had ever experienced before. We implemented his training routines to be prepared for the challenge of boxing.

I worked out every day and attended boxing everyday.

I made a nutrition plan for me and my friend. I also went to my friends house and we would train together all the time. Pushing each other beyond our limits.

I used psychology tactics and video analysis to motivate him and give him the mindset to win. Which he did.


I only really ended up sparring in boxing because my eyesight wasn’t good enough. I need to wear glasses. If I get punched in my one good eye, then I am basically blind and uncoordinated with my bad eye. It’s scary if that happens. Like a death wish.

My fitness improved dramatically however. My self defence even improved a lot. I managed to get to a point that any aggravation that might happen in school. Rather than me being the person who might be a target. People started becoming scared of me instead. 


In terms of fitness, I was an animal compared to the entire school. No one could touch me. But my two boxing friends were starting to overtake me and then some. When I compared my fitness to my boxing friends, I felt like I would struggle a lot We would do boxing for 2 hours at 7pm, then at 9pm go on hill sprints for 1 hour. I would be clinging on trying to keep up and survive. I thought I was terrible.

But compared to my school, the local rugby club, and other schools, I was more competitive. My fitness was streets ahead.

I learnt that there will always be someone better than you, but that doesn’t mean you should stop trying. Also that hard work pays off.

My friends both went onto win Midlands and National titles.



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