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Worcester College of Technology

Working with Worcester Warriors

How I got Worcester Warriors players to help me with final scientific dissertation.




Worcester College




In college I was studying for a BTEC National Diploma In Sport and Exercise Science. Coursework included physiology, human anatomy, bio-mechanics, psychology, nutrition, statistics and analytical procedures. For my final big dissertation I needed to come up with something creative to win over the tutors. I decided to work with one of the biggest rugby clubs in the area, or even in rugby itself.


I needed to find a way to get the best marks on a dissertation as I had not got the best grades in the previous modules due to being new to learning. I wasn’t taught how to write the perfect essay or answer questions the way the tutors wanted.

Some of the other college kids trained with the Worcester Warriors team. I needed some great athletes to work with who would provide really good results.


To get the Worcester players on board I would need to build a relationship with them first. Rather than just go in guns blazing. I also needed to make sure I wouldn’t cause injury and that everything was prepared correctly to save time.


I got in touch with one of the main players who was also a coach for the college rugby team.

I then attended rugby sessions every week.

I slowly got to know the coach and then dropped my question to see if the other players were interested.


The other players agreed to do it. So it was just a case of setting up a time and date. I also sent a schedule of the tests I wanted to be carried out to the main coach, to make sure it wouldn’t interfere with their other training. The test was completed and my tutor was impressed I used my initiative to get hold of the main rugby team in Worcester and one of the best in the UK.

This dissertation brought my grades up dramatically.

I got the grades I needed to move into university.

The coach for the team also adapted their training of the players based on the tests results I found and the research I had conducted.


I didn’t really try to get 100% full marks in every subject, in every test and essay in college. I did the bare minimum.

Looking back I would ask for every little bit of help I could. Try to obtain example essays. So I knew what to do, before even doing it.

I would also ask what the highest scores in the country were and what marks the top universities look for.

Instead of just doing enough to stay in a rubbish local university.

College was fun, but I wasted so much potential and time.

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